Is an opportunity to connect to your highest and most authentic self. It's an invitation to honour yourself first and stop seeking the approval and validation of others.It invites you to do the things that empower you daily reminding you that you are worthy of your own self love/self care. Apply this 


Your ability to pause is a direct reflection of how much you have grown. Pause is an invitation  to respond rather then react. To come from the present rather then the past. Whether you are dealing with work, kids or conflict in your relationship, Pause invites you to go within, recognize when you are triggered and wait for the dust to settle before choosing the next appropriate action.  Pause interrupt reactions that you will later regret and creates a new future for you and your relationships. Pause is the practise of no longer being dominated by your patterns but rather creating new ones that are in alignment with your highest self.


Breath brings you into the now and has your body connect with the present moment. It reduces anxiety created by worrying  about the future or dwelling on the past. The breath is always a place where you can ground and re-connect with your body.


Waves is an invitation to sit with your big feelings without having to escape them. We often turn to food, screens, shopping, sex or other distractions and addictions to avoid being with the pain that is really there. Waves doesn’t wait for life to be perfect. In fact it fully expects that it will be full of ups and downs and let’s them come and go, Waves is the opportunity to watch your feelings rise and fall and sit with them rather then eating them away, knowing they are temporary and will pass.


Was designed to support you while journaling. Journaling develops the eye of the witness allowing you to separate your true self from your patters. As you journal this oils provides.


Intentional is all about creating every single moment of your life by your own design.Being discerning with relationships, friendships, work and removing things that take up time or energy that no longer serves you.