Welcome to the movement.


Imagine falling so deeply in love with your self that you no longer needed the approval and validation of others.

Imagine your self worth no longer being measured by your accomplishment, but rather your own intrinsic worthiness and ability to have love and compassion for yourself.

Imagine releasing the heavy weight from your past no longer allowing it to shape your future.

Imagine connecting so deeply to your loved ones because you were so deeply connected to yourself.

Imagine being able to say NO to things that no longer served you, setting boundaries you needed to protect your inner space.

Imagine a life that no longer felt like a grind, hustle or hamster wheel but rather a beautiful song that danced with the waves as they rise and fell.

Imagine no longer letting fear get in the way of you pursuing your wildest dreams

Imagine tapping into your limitless potential and giving yourself the space to create every single moment of your life by your own design.

Imagine no longer needing to please others at the expense of yourself. 

Imagine finally breaking those patterns that have been getting in the way of what you truly want. 

Imagine no longer abandoning yourself. Like, ever again.

Imagine illuminating so bright that others cant help but shine too.

Imagine tapping into your endless creativity and embracing your inner power.

Imagine knowing how worthy you truly are and living a life that honoured that every single moment.

Imagine no longer saying negative things to yourself about yourself but rather flooding yourself with love and compassion.

Imagine surrounding yourself with a beautiful community of remarkable humans that loved watching you soar!

Imagine waking up every single day with a deep sense of joy, peace, purpose and a palpatable aliveness that is a match for this extraordinary gift called your life.

Welcome to our movement. Worthy is designed to get to the heart of every human connecting you to the most authentic version of yourself.  We use carefully crafted essentials oils coupled with daily mindful practises that are designed to empower YOU to continue becoming the greatest version of yourself. 

We’re thrilled that you are hear. That we found each other. Let’s begin transforming this wild and incredible gift called your life. One step at a time.  Are you ready? We are. 

Lets move together

WE move

Welcome to worthy, because you are.