We knew we had a vision with a “why” so powerful and deeply meaningful, that it was a match for our “why nots”.  Growing up often being “the only” in many circumstances we both had the experience of looking for validation of our self-worth extrinsically.  Passionate about wanting a different lived experience for our own children, one where they possessed an intrinsic worthiness, we both sought a path of spiritually, self-love and transformation.  This path led us to each other and bonded us together instantly.  Worthy Essentials is a line of carefully curated essential oils to get to the heart of the matter in every human.   We hand selected each essential oil and combined them with a precise recipe to ensure that the unique signature of each blend has a profound impact with every application.  Each bottle is an affirmation followed by a daily practice supporting true self-love and self-care. Every application and practise is an invitation to anchor into that embodiment.  A reminder that each and every moment presents a new opportunity to choose again.  We have found this to be the access point of living by design, rather than by default.  

This moment was created durning the Covid 19 pandemic so our meetings would take place over zoom with our 6 children + spouses in the background running in & out, babes sitting on mamas’ laps and lots of interruptions from both in between.  We embraced this and remarked that this was exactly what we had envisioned as the culture of our brand, feminine energy embodied in each bottle. 

We knew that people were on their knees begging for tools that would return them to home within themselves, tools that would  support them in feeling whole and well in their real, everyday lives, we knew this, as this had been our experience as well.   From this knowing and desire, the Worthy Essentials collection was born.   An all natural minimalist line, made of plant compounds, unadulterated and clean, accessible and easy to apply created from a space of love. 

A significant part of our vision is creating a movement that gets you present to your infinite worthiness along with a community of support, impact, empowerment and love.   A space where we encourage each other to show up and take up space unapologetically, exactly as we are.  We know our children are watching and taking their cues from us.   We want them to witness the power of a collective, eradicating imagined boundaries and leaping, knowing that with support they will soar.  We wanted to show them, not just tell them,  of a safe space of empowerment, encouragement and authenticity, giving them access to a power that could only be found within their true selves. And we wanted the same for you.  

Let’s keep moving together.
WE move.

Welcome to Worthy, because you are

Love, Patricia & Alia xo.